Teacher – Student Education – Interrelated and Resource​/ELA – Grades 9-12​/ELH

Job Description

Position:  Teacher – Exceptional Student Education – Interrelated and Resource (ELA) – Grades 9-12 (2023-2024 School Year) ELH


Exceptional Student Education Teacher

Division: F&SSS/Exceptional Student Ed./School-Level

Reports To:

Principal or Designee

FLSA Status:




Work Days: 190

Evaluation Tool: TKES

JD Revision Date(s): 8/22; 6/23

This position is being filled and the salary prorated for the remainder of the  school year.

salary schedules may be accessed via the following link:  HCS Salary Schedules . You may download the document to enlarge the view.



* Plan, prepare, and deliver lesson plans and instructional materials that facilitate active learning.

* Demonstrate knowledge of the eligibility process and assists with initiation of the process to completion of the eligibility/IEP.

* Develop, implement, monitor, and regularly review the Individual Education Program (IEP) and Individual Learning Plan (ILP) of each student on the caseload.

* Work with parents/guardians in all aspects of their child’s educational program.

* Compile, maintain, and submit accurate paperwork within designated timelines.

* Collaborate with the general education teacher and/or Related Services Staff to provide special education services that maximize student achievement according to the guidelines of the program through established service delivery models.

* Maintain lesson plans according to policies and/or directives.

* Demonstrate knowledge of research-based practices by delivering specialized instruction to students according to their IEPs and Individual Learning Plans.

* Develop and implement carefully designed data driven behavior management strategies including Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) based on student need.

* Utilize formative and summative assessments and collect data on student achievement and progress toward mastery of IEP goals and objectives, and report progress to parents/guardians on a regular basis.

* Assure all due process procedural safeguards are afforded to students and their parents/guardians.

* Adhere to district special education policies and procedures and federal regulations/state rules.

* Serve as a resource to general education teachers who teach students with disabilities.

* Maintain prompt and professional communication with parents.

* Participate in district, school, department, and parent meetings.

* Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


* Hold or be eligible for a valid Georgia Educator Certificate, or meet the district’s professional qualifications.

* Ability to maintain highly confidential information professionally.

* Ability to work well with students, parents, staff, and the community.

* Exceptional integrity, commitment to confidentiality, excellent character, and strong professional reputation.

* Must abide by the Georgia Professional Standards Code of Ethics for Educators.

* Must be regularly, predictably, and reliably at work.

* Ability to be present at the physical worksite.

* Must perform tasks involving prolonged periods of standing, walking, and sitting.

* Must perform routine physical activities such as bending and lifting/pushing/pulling up to 50 pounds.

* As assigned, must be able to meet the unique needs of students with severe disabilities, i.e. lifting, feeding, toileting, as appropriate.

* Must be able to properly and consistently supervise students, particularly during emergency situations.

* Vision, hearing, written, and verbal communications are essential factors in performing required tasks.


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