Speech Language Pathologist – Part Time

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Student Support Services/Speech and Language Pathologist

Date Posted:

Middletown City Schools-ESC

Warren County Educational Service Center – website WARREN COUNTY EDUCATIONAL SERVICE CENTER
An Equal Opportunity Employer

– Part Time
Beginning January 3, 2024
(Location will be Middletown City Schools)

Job Description


Speech-Language Pathologist

Reports to:

Assistant Superintendent
FLSA Status:


  • Master’s Degree
  • Current license from the Ohio Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.
  • Current license from the Ohio Department of Education.
  • Effective communication skills in English.
  • Current valid Ohio Driver’s License.
  • Access to own motor vehicle.
  • Ability to lift 40 pounds unassisted.
  • Ability to maneuver stairs unassisted.
  • Pass criminal background check.
  • General


    Under general direction, identifies, evaluates, and prepares remedial activities for student who exhibit speech-language disorders; participates in the development of individualized goals and objectives; and evaluates student progress. May supervise others as designated.

    Essential Functions:

  • Serve as part of an IAT/IBS (Intervention Assistance Team/Intervention Based Services) team, and implement required interventions developed by the team.
  • Identify students with a speech and language handicap through a multi-factored evaluation, utilizing standardized tests and/or authentic assessment activities.
  • Refer for medical or other professional attention necessary for the habilitation of speech or language handicaps.
  • Provide speech and language services for the habilitation or prevention of communication handicaps.
  • Provide speech and language services for the habilitation or prevention of communication handicaps.
  • Assist in the development of curriculum guides and local policies related to speech and language handicaps.
  • Provide inservice for school and community related to speech and language handicaps.
  • Provide speech/language services to students in their classrooms:
    • By working as a consultant to the classroom teacher.
    • By working with a student(s) individually and/or in small group.
  • Plan a program of study that demonstrates knowledge of the subject matter, incorporates best practices, is coherent, and leads to the mastery of desired learning outcomes.
  • Plan a program of study that meets the individual needs, interests and abilities of the students, and leads to mastery of desired learning outcomes. Develop an appropriate Individualized Educational Plan that clearly communicates to parents, students, and other school personnel as appropriate.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the unique characteristics of students belonging to multiple ethnic groups, cultures, and/or at different ability levels.
  • Develop a coherent instructional plan which leads students to accessing and progressing in the general curriculum and establishes clear objectives for all lessons, units, projects, and other instructional activities.
  • Clearly communicate goals and objectives to parent, students, and, as appropriate, other school personnel.
  • Attend school-wide conferences for parents if requested.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of resources by planning to use a variety of best practices, sound instructional techniques, activities, and media, consistent with the needs and capabilities of the individuals and/or student groups assigned.
  • Provide on-going evaluation of the learning needs of students. Use assessment data to promote mastery of designated learning outcomes and plan appropriate intervention.
  • Prepare appropriate daily, weekly, or monthly written lessons plans based on the course of study for all classes taught.
  • Demonstrate genuine respect for the worth and dignity of each student.
  • Establish and maintain a standard of classroom behavior and procedures consistent with building regulations and Board of Education policy.
  • Communicate clearly and accurately in both written and oral forms in all aspects of instruction and employment.
  • Meet and instruct assigned classes at the designated time and location.
  • Maintain accurate, complete, and correct records as required by law, Ohio’s standards, district policy and/or administrative regulations.
  • Prepare and provide data for progress reports, report cards, intervention assistance teams and/or other reports as required.
  • Establish and maintain positive communication with parents of assigned students. Be available to students and parents for education-related purposes outside the instructional day when required or requested to do so under reasonable terms.
  • Attend staff meetings and serve on committees as required. Interact at the district and county office level with administrators and present information when required.
  • Observe ethics of both the teaching and professional licensure boards.
  • Maintain and improve professional competence by participating in staff development activities and belonging to professional organizations.
  • Possible lifting of a handicapped child.
  • Carry educational materials and equipment to and…

  • Location

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