High School StepMojo Teacher’s Assistant

Job Description

Job Description

As a nation, we have long struggled to provide equitable access to a high-quality education for all students, and the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic only served to exacerbate those systemic inequities. At the same time, the disruption and innovation of the last two years have opened the door to a new sense of possibility. Many students, school staff and system leaders have rightly called to use this moment not just to recover – but to reimagine and reinvent how we approach education.

High School students have been amongst the most vocal about what they want – more agency and flexibility, more high-interest and high-quality course choices, greater attention to their needs as whole children, and more intentionality about launching them successfully toward a diverse array of college and career options. Based on these themes, many system leaders have begun to craft an ambitious agenda to reinvent high school.

Because of this need, North Star is partnering with Stepmojo to offer all students radically expanded access to high-interest, rigorous courses, exceptional teachers, and personalized college and career options. In order to deliver on this extraordinary opportunity, we need a team of on-the-ground coaches to support student learning.

The presence of technology alone is no guarantee that students will succeed. Strong, effective online learning doesn’t just happen. It requires the work of thoughtful, engaged staff who leverage the best of remote instruction and in-person scaffolds to address the unique learning needs of their students. Learning coaches will give an extra boost to the online learning experience. They will build affirming relationships with students, manage all in-person activities by circulating and encouraging students, entering attendance data daily and grade data weekly.


Manage the Classroom/Workspace Environment Arrange and maintain a safe, structured, and effective learning environment

Create a positive, achievement-oriented learning environment that excites and invests students (e.g., establish classroom routines and expectations, develop affirming relationships with students)

Encourage students to engage and be active participants in their online course

Troubleshoot minor technical issues (e.g., forgotten headphones, lost chargers)

Provide In-person Support for Students Track and monitor student attendance – intervening if truancy occurs

Notify school-site coordinator if attendance issues persist

Serve as a thought partner to work through issues during independent work time

Provide in the moment feedback to students regarding their participation in class – affirming and engaging students in the learning

Connect students who are struggling behaviorally or academically with the appropriate Step Mojo or North Star resources

Conference with students’ family and academic advisor keeping everyone informed of the learning

Serve as a mentor to students – establishing trusting relationships and providing active guidance throughout the course

Communication with the Online Instructor Establish asynchronous check-in routines and procedures with each course instructor

Share insights as to how students are engaging with the content (e.g., where they struggle, high points of interest, questions)

Provide Feedback to Step Mojo and North Star Meet with the implementation team for an initial orientation and onboarding session

Collaborate with Step Mojo and North Star staff to improve the pilot implementation

Participate in periodic feedback sessions and ongoing trainin


Responsibilities Assist teachers with instruction, assessments, grading, and other classroom responsibilities;

Potentially teach small groups of students;

Support students by providing one-on-one and small group tutoring daily, and small group intervention and student support;

Observe Master Teachers in order to improve instructional techniques and classroom management;

Provide administrative support including but not limited to copies, hallway duty, organizing classroom materials, etc.

As appropriate, perform all duties expected of staff, including but not limited to:

Participating in grade-level activities, and school-wide functions, events, and trips;

Providing consistent rewards and/or consequences for student behavior;

Serving as an advisor to a small group of students;

Supervising students during transitions, breakfast, lunch and after school;

Communicating effectively with students, families, and colleagues;

Participating in an annual three-week staff orientation and training.


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