Special Paid Opportunity for Students (Highschool/College)-Work…

March 26, 2024

Job Description

Flexible Part-Time (Remote) Opportunity for Highschool/College Students – Teaching Assistant for an Online Social Learning Platform

A ONE INSTITUTE is seeking a part-time teaching assistant, who is a high school or college student, and can work remotely (or hybrid if preferred). He/she will be working with SOLPLE, our new digital education application that can be downloaded and accessed anywhere… (with an Apple product). This is an ideal opportunity for students who are looking for a flexible part-time job while attending school, or to enhance their resume by gaining valuable skills and experience needed to work in the education industry.
• This is not your ordinary part-time job – you will not be paid hourly, but for EVERY question you answer CORRECTLY. INCORRECT answers will NOT count. You will NOT be compensated for every wrong answer. There is no limit. You can answer as many questions as you want! (See Compensation below)


· Enrolled in college/university or high school (preferably seniors)
· Knowledge in high school level math, up to Pre-Calculus
· Fluent in English
· Must be detail-oriented
· Strong time management, organization, and communication skills

· Evaluate answers with detail to students’ math or science-related questions and upload them onto our new online education platform, SOLPLE
· Submit photos/screenshots of own work that clearly explains the answer to students’ questions
· Communicate and work collaboratively with students, instructors, and staffs
· All other duties as assigned by the Director

· $.25/question ($.50/AP question)
· Important: this is not an hourly wage part-time position
• Compensation depends entirely on how many questions you answer CORRECTLY (no limit!) (INCORRECT ANSWERS will NOT count and you will NOT be compensated)
• Responding to a question that’s already been answered will not count
• Must be your OWN developed answer

Please email [email protected] to apply or call 201-266-8882

A ONE INSTITUTE is a scholastic tutoring academy for high school students based in and out of New Jersey. We offer SAT, ACT, AP, IB, AMC (American Math Competitions), and GPA management classes – as well as subjects that feature History, Mathematics, English, Science, etc


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