Simple Solar – Solar Consultant – Hiring Immediately – North Miami, FL

November 23, 2022

Job Description

Job title: Solar Consultant – Hiring Immediately

Company: Simple Solar

Job description: Compensation:

– $81,000 – $149,000 in yearly earnings

– Bi-weekly pay

– Competitive commissions and bonus structure.

– Monthly Incentives: prizes, trips, swag, and more!

About Simple Solar:

Check us out online at or get to know us on our Instagram, @simplesolarofficial. Simple Solar is the 44th fastest growing company on the Forbes 5000 list for the year 2022 and is the fastest growing private company in the solar industry industry. We stand for:

– Focus on providing Value: We believe in providing value first before thinking about a paycheck. What results is a world-class customer service and sales experience for your customers. It also means that you will see less cancellations, more referrals, better paychecks, and a better experience in the solar industry.

– Set lofty goals, work hard, and be accountable: Everyone’s personal goals or destination is unique. We recognize that and know that whatever your unique destination may be, solar is a great vehicle to achieve it. Just like a car needs charge/fuel to start moving, the solar vehicle is no different. It’s up to you to set high goals and use hard work as the fuel to achieve them.

– Be Coachable: Simple is home to some of the highest performing solar professionals in Solar today. Take advantage of their mentorship and daily hand’s-on training to go from Solar-newbie to Expert Consultant in your first months. To rise to the next level, you must surround yourself with mentors that are “uncommon even amongst the uncommon”, a staple of our training platform.

We live by an employee-first mentality where we pour individualized investment into the personal growth, potential, and development of each representative. Our goal here at Simple is to provide you with close mentorship from some of the most successful Rep’s in solar today so that you enjoy a long, lucrative, and fulfilling career in the best industry on Earth!

Role Responsibilities:

– You will receive warm, company-generated leads on a daily basis. It is your responsibility to follow-up with these leads in a consultative, in-home setting. The positive outcome of these interactions will be a close.

– Bring value right to the doorstep of your clients by knocking on doors, asking for referrals, talking to your existing contacts, and talking to the neighbors of your lead pipeline.

– Educate homeowners at their door-step on the value of ownership over their power, monthly and yearly energy cost savings, government incentives, and how they can benefit from the most abundant resource on earth: the sun!


– 40 hours per week (full-time)

– Successfully complete online and in-person Solar Sales Training.

– Laptop or iPad for in-home presentations.

– Reliable form of transportation.

Expected salary: $81000 – 149000 per year

Location: North Miami, FL

Job date: Wed, 23 Nov 2022 05:07:48 GMT


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