Security Architect

Job Description

Employer Industry: Information Technology

Why Consider this Job Opportunity…
– Competitive pay
– Opportunity for career advancement and growth within the organization
– Remote work flexibility
– Chance to work with cutting-edge security technologies and tools
– Collaborative and inclusive work environment

What to Expect (Job Responsibilities):
– Proficiently utilize Akamai with CDN solution
– Provide solution and design system with Akamai
– Understand existing systems and provide improvement solutions
– Manage and operationalize Continuous Delivery pipeline applications/tools and infrastructure
– Perform security analysis of different systems and conduct vulnerability assessments

What is Required (Qualifications):
– Proficiency in Akamai with CDN solution
– Experience in vulnerability assessment and security testing
– Knowledge of SAST, DAST, and Penetration testing
– Familiarity with web, application, operating systems, source code, and database vulnerability scanners
– Experience with Continuous Delivery pipeline applications/tools and infrastructure

How to Stand Out (Preferred Qualifications):
– Experience with tools like HCL AppScan Enterprise and Veracode
– Knowledge of SonarQube and its integration with other systems

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