– RM/Case Aide- Part Time (Sat & Sun 11am-7pm) – Tinley Park, IL

September 19, 2022

Job Description

Job title: RM/Case Aide- Part Time (Sat & Sun 11am-7pm)


Job description: | Job Title: | Residential Manager/Case Aide F/T

| Program: | Residential

| Reports to: | Director of Victim Services

| Schedule: | M-F 11:00am to 7:00pm, occasional nights and weekends

| Classification: | Full-time, Non-Exempt

| Grade: | 4

| Holiday Schedule: | Essential

| WFH Status: | E


Coordinate and oversee the day-to-day operations of the emergency shelter program through oversight and management of client activity. Maintain a cooperative communal living environment while assuring continuity of services necessary for a client’s success through conflict resolution strategies and relationship building. These services include but are not limited to mediation, chores, meal oversight, group facilitation, personal needs, and rule enforcement. Assist case managers and clients with activities related to goal achievement and need resolution. These activities include but are not limited to providing referrals, advocacy, in-person counseling, crisis intervention, and access to resources.


Safety and Security

● Ensure safety and security using the metal detectors and the bug zapper machine

● Lead and participate in room inspections regularly.

● Clearly communicate and apply shelter rules and related sanctions to shelter clients in a consistent and compassionate manner.

● Facilitate effective conflict resolution strategies among residential clients to ensure a cooperative communal living atmosphere.

Client Services

● Complete residential client check-ins as needed. This includes completion of the paperwork, shelter tours, client room and locker assignment, linens, and explaining how the shelter works and the rules.

● Oversee personal supplies for clients including but not limited to Neat Repeat shopping.

● Manage childcare agreements and provide childcare assistance as needed.

● Provide crisis intervention counseling and domestic violence education to clients.

● Complete assessments and treatment plans with clients when needed.

● Provide case management services to residential clients during their stay in program.

● Provide collateral assistance with DV Case manager on related functions.

● Provide clear direction and intervention through rules and regulations.

● Provide recommendation for continued service provision during the initial 48-hour assessment.

● Monitor progress and provide assistance towards identified goals on individual client service plans.

● Facilitate groups for residential clients.

● Provide conflict and communication strategies to clients as it relates to domestic violence.

● Be knowledgeable of local services and other available resources.

● Provide accurate referrals in a consistent and compassionate fashion.

● Participate in weekly case management review with colleagues.

● Follow all CCSS policies and procedures for client shelter, safety and services.

● Participate in speaking engagements (including 40 Hour training) and other community education forums as needed.

● Perform other duties as assigned.

Operational and Administrative duties

● Complete all paperwork in an accurate and efficient manner in accordance with current paperwork procedures.

● Maintain all clients Informational Board with updated and current information including computer lab, dining room, living room and hallways

● Serve and prepare client meals for a shelter of up to 35 residents.

● Manage meal oversight and counts daily.

● Manage Residential storage of client’s belongings (label and discarding).

● Monitor client’s usage of CCSS property and clean rooms upon check-out.

● Oversee daily client chores and monitoring the cleanliness of client areas.

● Identify and report to the Lead Residential Manager any needed shelter repairs.

● Provide an accurate, comprehensive shift report on a daily basis.

● Provide accurate and professional inter and intra-agency communications.

● Collect and maintain accurate service statistics.

● Manage the organization of the shelter supplies and basement with other Residential Mangers

● Attend Residential Services Department Meetings, supervision with the Director of Victim Services and other meetings and trainings as requested by the Director of Victim Services.

● Successfully complete 40 hours of ICADV domestic violence training; remain current in the field of domestic violence by attending in-services, workshops, etc. relevant to the field.

● Perform other duties as assigned.



| Maintain daily head counts and meal counts | Shelter roster will be correct and up to date.

| Complete personal form requests and fill needs according to the request | Client requests will be filled appropriately and in-kind forms will be given to supervisor for tracking

| Maintain order, safety and cleanliness in the shelter | Shelter will be clean and orderly; Mediations will be conducted appropriately and effectively using the mediation form

| Maintain shelter organization and inventory of supplies | Shelter basement, kitchen, supply closet and garage will be kept orderly, fully stocked and labeled appropriately

| Maintain shelter using the updated shelter manual rules | Shelter rules will be followed consistently, less client complaints, better feedback on Satisfaction Surveys

| Provide case management to clients in the areas of trauma, housing, employment and other case plan goals. | Meeting with clients at least once weekly, updated service plans, interaction notes

| Assist clients with obtaining housing and employment | Management statistics for shelter, PQI results

| Facilitate groups, including OOP | Group interactions


| Education/Certification | Required | Preferred

| Valid Driver’s License | X |

| AA degree or 2 years related experience working with victims of DV | X |

| Bachelor’s Degree in social work or related field | | X

| 40-hour trained | X |

| Food Sanitation Certification | X |

| | |

| Experience | Required | Preferred

| 3 to 5 years of job related experience | | X

| Bi-lingual, Spanish speaking and writing | | X


This table directly refers to the frequency of which your job requires you to do on a daily basis. Note: These duties are site specific.

| Office Equipment | Rarely (R) | Occasionally (O) | Frequently (F)

| Telephone | | | x

| Computer | | | x

| Fax Machine | | | x

| Copier | | | x

| Physical Demands | Rarely (R) | Occasionally (O) | Frequently (F)

| Standing | | | x

| Sitting | | | x

| Lifting (Max 30 pounds) | | x |

| Carrying | | x |

| Walking | | | x

| Driving | x | |

| Working Conditions | Rarely (R) | Occasionally (O) | Frequently (F)

| Indoor | | | x

| Outdoor | x | |

| Loud Noises | | x |

| Fumes | x | |

| Mental Demands | Rarely (R) | Occasionally (O) | Frequently (F)

| Problem Solving | | | x

| Make Decisions | | | x

| Supervise (volunteers) | | | x

| Interpret Data | | x |

| Organize | | | x

| Read/Write | | | x

I have read and accept the physical and mental demands of my job and I am aware these demands are subject to change with or without notice.

Expected salary: $15 – 18 per hour

Location: Tinley Park, IL

Job date: Sun, 18 Sep 2022 22:35:57 GMT


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