Part-time Machine Learning Mentor (US)

Job Description

Who are we, you ask?

Interviews can be hard, especially at top tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Netflix. Many candidates fall short simply because they aren’t adequately prepared. That’s where we come in. Our acclaimed courses specialize in interview preparation and transitioning into high-demand tech fields such as AI, ML, and Data Science. At Interview Kickstart, current and former… hiring managers have guided over 17,000 tech professionals through transformative career journeys, ensuring their success in landing coveted positions. Think of us as “the everything store” for career transitions and interview skill development.

How do we do that, you ask?

We have a structured approach to interview success, which includes:
• Career Accelerator Course
• Comprehensive end-to-end courses and platform
• A roster of over 600+ instructors from leading Silicon Valley companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix
• A holistic approach that includes live classes, mock interviews, personalized coaching, resume refinement, career strategies, and invaluable referrals

What’s more exciting is – we are completely remote, and we are hiring the best people we can find regardless of geography.

We are looking for ML Engineers/Applied Scientists, SWEs (ML domain), with a strong passion for teaching to join us as part-time instructors to teach Machine Learning. This role will provide opportunities to network with other experts, understand learner issues and contribute to the AI/ML community at large.

• To be an effective machine learning subject matter expert, the requirements typically include a combination of in-depth technical expertise, teaching experience, and communication skills.
• Should have hands-on experience in any one of the following:
• Deep Learning – Neural Networks, Neural Architecture & Modern ML Architecture
• Computer Vision
• Natural Language Processing
• Generative AI
• Reinforcement Learning
• MLOps
• Minimum five years of experience in tier-1 Tech companies as an ML Engineer or Scientist
• Preparing engaging and well-structured content on one or more topics listed above
• Ability to simplify complex topics and explain them in an engaging manner
• High levels of empathy to understand the challenges faced by students and willingness to help them out
• PhD in Computer Science/Applied Mathematics/Statistics is preferred.

• Curriculum Development: The instructor is responsible for assisting our subject matter expert(machine learning) with technical review and providing suggestions on the machine learning teaching curriculum per the overall learning objective and industry requirements.
• Instruction Delivery: Conduct lectures, workshops, and interactive sessions to teach machine learning principles, algorithms, and methodologies. Instructors may use various teaching methods, including lectures, demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and group discussions.
• Industry Engagement: Staying current with the latest trends and advancements in machine learning and related fields. Engaging with industry professionals and collaborating on projects or internships to provide students with real-world experiences.
• Research and Development: Conducting research in machine learning and contributing to developing new techniques, models, or applications.
• Constantly improve the session flow and delivery by working with other instructors, subject matter experts, and the IK team.
• Help the IK team in onboarding and training other instructors and coaches
• Have regular discussions with IK’s curriculum team in evolving the curriculum.
• Should be willing to work on weekends/evenings and be available as per the Pacific time zoneShow full descriptionCollapse


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