Light On Path Inc – Physical Therapy Assistant PTA – Los Angeles, CA

November 22, 2022

Job Description

Job title: Physical Therapy Assistant PTA

Company: Light On Path Inc

Job description: Physical Therapy Assistant PTA

About us

Light on Path, Inc. Infant Development Program is a full-scope Early Intervention Program providing child development and therapy services to infants and toddlers ages 0-3 years and their families in their homes. We are vendored with the North Los Angeles County Regional Center and provide services in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valley areas. We provide competitive salaries, flexible schedule, comprehensive benefits package for full-time and partial benefits for part-time employees. We are a professional family providing support, training, guidance, assistance, and team spirit.

Job Description – PTA

We are looking for a committed, family-focused, child-centered Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) to conduct treatments in the field of Early Intervention. We provide comprehensive services for infants and toddlers ages 0-3 years in their most natural environment, typically home or daycare. We service families in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys with the bulk of our clientele is in the San Fernando Valley area. We are vendored with the North Los Angeles County Regional Center. You will offer effective, child-centered, and family-focuses services that will facilitate child’s developmental growth and empower families. The successful candidate will have a holistic perspective and will be able to readily adapt to fit the client and the home environment. We currently provide both, in-home and virtual services, however, the absolute majority of our referrals (at least 85%) are for in-home services. Experience working with neurologically and orthopedically involved infants and children is a big plus, and Spanish speaking candidates get priority hiring, as we are in desperate need of Spanish speaking therapists. We provide ongoing mentorship and support, not just from the supervising RPT, but the entire team is there to support each other in this very multi-disciplinary setting.


Effectively address child’s motor aspects of performance to support active engagement in purposeful play

Select and adapt the appropriate per case physical therapy treatment model, method and approach to direct the process of interventions

Apply interventions to maximize safety and performance in motor, balance, stability, coordinator activities of daily living (play, functional use of the lower body, sensory-motor activities, transitional movements, etc.)

Teach children, parents, and caregivers adaptive and purposeful ways of approaching motor tasks and educate them on how to break down activities into achievable components

Complete progress reports every 6 months

Recommend adaptive equipment and train in its use

Guide and educate family members and caregivers

Observe, note, and report on the progress of long and short term treatment goals

Collect data and document progress

Be playful, engaging, motivating, and encouraging for the child and supportive, non-judgemental, culturally sensitive for the family


We welcome new grads with open arms, as we have complete confidence in our mentorship program, but we do require that candidates have some prior experience working with very young children in any capacity

Excellent knowledge of principles and practices of physical therapy

Ability to manage clients with different types of personalities, different needs, behavioral and emotional dynamics, different family dynamics

Current knowledge of treatment practices per discipline and drive to continually learn and grow in the profession

Professional behavior, strict adherence to company’s code of ethics, professional conduct, practice guidelines, as underlined in the employee handbook

Excellent interpersonal communication skills

Valid license to practice physical therapy

Valid California Driver’s License

We require that all candidates are willing to travel to the Santa Clarita area at least for part of their work hours

We are primarily interested in hiring full-time specialists, but our part-time minimum weekly requirement is 15 hours scheduled hours per week (this does not include travel time); our minimum full-time requirement is 33+ scheduled hours per week (again, this does not include travel time)

Fluency in Spanish language is a huge plus, but not a requirement

Job Types

Full-time, Part-time

Base Rate

$28.00 – $32.00 per hour for PTA

In addition to the base rate, we pay for driving time at minimum wage and reimburse for mileage at the federal suggested rate and provide partial reimbursement for cell phone use. Depending on the total caseload hours, these additional wages typically average a minimum $3 an hour up to $7.50 an hour additional to the base rate.

Benefits for Full-Time Employees


Health benefits

Partial holiday pay

Schedule options/flexibility

8-hour shift

Day shift


Monday to Friday


Weekend availability

We do not set your schedule, it is completely up to you when you want to work, as long as you follow our guidelines of 15 minimum hours weekly and no more than 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week unless approved for overtime by the administrative team. This job allows for flexibility with scheduling so that you can arrange your work schedule around your life and not the other way around.


Expected salary:

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Job date: Tue, 22 Nov 2022 05:07:19 GMT


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