FamilySearch Project Manager Intern

November 21, 2023

Job Description

The mission of this position is to help Church members fulfill their divinely appointed responsibility to discover their families through family history methods, submit their names to the temple for saving ordinances, and to help bring souls unto Christ.

This position is primarily for educational or religious purposes and should be used to enhance personal and professional experiences for the Intern. Under general supervision, the Intern performs work as assigned by the department.

Position will be full-time (up 40 to hours a week) for up to one year

* Intern should be currently seeking a bachelor’s or master’s degree or have obtained a bachelor’s or master’s degree within the past 12 months

* The ideal candidate is seeking a career in Project Management or a similar field. This is preferred, but not required.

* Excellent communication, computer, and organizational skills

* Enjoys working with Senior Service Missionaries

* Experience with Family Search is preferred

* Ability to prioritize responsibilities

* Skilled in the use of Microsoft Office Products

* Experience with software tools such as  and iMovie (or other video editing software) is a plus

* Paid Interns are qualified while enrolled in an educational institution and for one year following graduation. They must sign a Paid Internship Engagement Letter.

The Records Operation Centers (ROCs) and Virtual Records Operation Centers (VROCs) operate with more than 1,000 Senior Service Missionaries to complete priority projects for Family Search International. The Project Manager is responsible for prioritizing these projects under the direction of North America’s managers,

Under the Project Manager’s supervised direction, the Paid Intern will:

* Prioritize and manage assigned projects, ensure the missionaries understand the projects’ requirements, and complete the projects in a timely manner.

* Communicate effectively with the assigned missionary trainers, the FHD employees who requested the projects, the FHD software engineers, and the missionary leaders who supervise the missionaries.

* Assist the Project Manager with project management responsibilities.

* Help improve project management processes.

* Meet and coordinate with the Project Manager.

* Supervise a small team of missionaries to develop and edit instructional videos for the missionaries.

* Other assignments and projects as directed.

* Host Microsoft Teams meetings with the missionaries, and take minutes in meetings.

Church employees find joy and satisfaction in using their unique talents and abilities to further the Lord’s work. From the IT professional who develops an app that sends the gospel message worldwide, to the facilities manager who maintains our buildings- giving Church members places to worship, teach, learn, and receive sacred ordinances-our employees seek innovative ways to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world.

They are literally working in His kingdom.

Only members of the Church who are worthy of a temple recommend qualify for employment. Apart from this, the Church is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in its employment decisions on any basis that would violate U.S. or local law.

Qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, national origin, color, gender, pregnancy, marital status, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, or other legally protected categories that apply to the Church. The Church will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with known disabilities.


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