Education Data Analyst – Limited Service

November 21, 2023

Job Description

Position:  Education Data Analyst I – Limited Service

Education Data Analysts at the Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) are responsible for work that includes data collection, cleaning, analysis, and reporting at a professional level. This role’s work will be under the Preschool Development Grant and will focus on Early Learning Data. Data this series works with are frequently of a confidential and sensitive nature. Work is performed within a supportive team environment, under the direction of a supervisor, Division Director, or other figure in management.

Examples of Work:

* Participating in the collection, data quality processes, management, and use of education-related data.

* Participating in the development and operationalization of scalable data quality checks and disseminating them to stakeholders.

* Participating in the creation of internally and externally facing data products, such as data collection mechanisms like surveys or forms, reports, and dashboards that display required data reporting elements.

* Working in a team environment to communicate statistical insight into data products for end users.

* Working in a team environment to set team priorities and goals which are in alignment with Division strategic goals.

* Using Master student, educator, and organization data sets to update systems and data user files.

* Using a shared workflow tracking system (e.g. MS Azure DevOPs) to document and share standard operating procedures on projects (e.g. creation and use of work items and wikis).

* Playing a supportive role in the writing of Legislative Reports and other professional communications around data.

* Investigating and testing bugs on all Data team environments.

* Other duties as assigned.

The ideal candidate will have the following skills and qualifications:

* Knowledge of data science fundamentals such as data acquisition from primary or secondary data sources, maintenance of databases/data systems, filtering and “cleaning” data by reviewing data quality products (e.g. reports, statistical process controls, performance indicators, etc.) to locate and correct data and or code problems

* Ability to process confidential data and information according to guidelines.

* With guidance, capacity to develop reporting products and analyses.

* Ability to participate in team development of business rules, information needs, and standard operating procedures.

* Be capable of participating in team preparation and facilitation of data meetings and work, which may include cross team and or cross divisional staff membership.

* Be able to contribute meaningful data analysis to the development of reporting products and data deliverables.

* With supervision and in collaboration with other team members, exercise ability to write scripts and perform data review necessary for data quality and assurance work.

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