Job Description

Analyze and enter data into the database of the computer systems and process it for further use by other departments of the organization
– Handle some important documents of the company and maintain confidentiality of the reports and the financial documents of the company as well as the employees of the company
– Increase efficiency of the office procedures by providing any required data of the employees to the company and of the company to the employees
– Handle machines such as Xerox machines, printers, scanners and answer telephone calls at times
– Copy manuscripts, letters and any other important documents that are necessary for the record of the company
– Attend meetings with the senior officials of the company and understand the policies of the company and implement them while entering any type of data into the database
– Has access to all kinds of companies’ database and provides information about any employees to any department upon their request
– Train co-workers in using the computer systems and the software used in maintaining database of the company


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