Agency IT and Admin Support

November 20, 2023

Job Description

General requirements as follows:
General Administrative Support Services

(i) Experience in general administrative work e.g. data entry, filing, scheduling appointments/ meetings, checking/ updating documents, etc.

(ii) Proficient in Microsoft Office

Programme Management Support Services

(i) Experience in supporting projects/programmes e.g. event activities

(ii) Familiar with project duties e.g. tracking KPIs, inventory, audits, etc.

(iii) Proficient in Microsoft Office

Systems Support Services

(i) Experience in using IT systems and providing IT support

(ii) Familiar with user testing based on provided test scripts, monitor operations, etc.

(iii) Proficient in Microsoft Office

Data Analysis Support Services

(i) Experience in data analysis support

(ii) Familiar with surveys, data verification, simple data analysis, charting, dashboarding, etc.

(iii) Proficient in Microsoft Office, data visualization tools (e.g. Power


Marketing Support Services

(i) Experience in marketing activities e.g. digital marketing

(ii) Proficient in Microsoft Office, social media tools

Other Support Services


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